Auto LP Gas

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autoLPGLiquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a hydrocarbon fuel containing a mix of mostly propane and butane, which is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles.

All vehicles fitted with an LPG system must have a gas certificate, which is given after an inspection to check the installation is in safe condition and meets Government requirements. In addition, testing and inspection of your LPG cylinder is required every 10 years. A cylinder inspection will indicate how much life the cylinder has remaining, and ensure it is in safe condition. Our team can carry out all testing and inspections on LPG cylinders and systems to ensure they are safe and working properly.

If you are thinking of converting to LP Gas, contact Bosch Car Service Darwin for more information. Most, but not all vehicles qualify for conversion. We also supply discount autogas to our customers with an on- site LPG bowser.
Our LPG services include:

  • servicing and repairs
  • installation/conversion
  • auto LPG spare parts
  • LPG registration inspections
  • auto LPG certification
  • plant and equipment LPG certification
  • cylinder test station
  • forklift and BBQ cylinder refilling
  • discount auto LPG bowser for vehicle fuelling.
  • cylinder decommissioning for travel

australian standardBosch Car Service Darwin is an authorised test station for the inspection and testing of gas cylinders under Australian Standard 2337.